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Eagles set to soar

Players from Geylang International Football ClubHoping to reignite its glory days like in the past, Geylang United have decided to revert back to its pre S-League name of Geylang International Football Club (GIFC) from the 2013 season onwards. Pending approval from the Registry of Societies (ROS), fans will see the Eagles donning a new Green & White hooped home kit completed with the new club logo.

Geylang International new logo

Presenting the new initiatives at Livewire @ Marina Bay Sands on Thursday evening, we also saw the introduction of the 18-man S-League squad which consists of a good mix of experience and youth.

Last season’s club top scorer, Jozef Kaplan has been handed the captain’s armband and Stefan Milojevic, who impressed after signing for the second half of the 2012 season has also been retained.

Joining the retained duo will be former Albirex Niigata(S) captain, Norihiro Kawakami as well as custodian Takuma Ito. Completing the foreign contingent will be former Albirex Niigata(S) & Home United hot shot, Shotaro Ihata.

Coach V Kanan was in charge of the youth football teams just a couple of seasons ago and with him taking over the hot seat early last year, he has done well enough to earn himself another shot on senior football management. It was no surprise that the club rewarded seven members from the winning squad of 2011 Prime League with a S-League contract. Singapore Internationals Joey Sim, Yasir Hanapi & Delwinder Singh as well as Duncan Elias have been brought in to add experience and quality to the team

Speaking to aXrosstheline.com, Kanan believes that he has assembled a team that is strong enough to compete for a top-five finish in the S-League this year.

“This is a young team, and a lot of hard work has to be put in but finishing in a top five positions is a realistic target. We will play good attacking football and I believe that good football will bring fans to the stadium,” he said.

Skipper Jozef Kaplan echoed his coach’s sentiments and believes that hard work plus discipline are key components that will lead to good performances.

Kaplan, the Eagles’ top scorer with 18 goals in all competitions is gunning for team glory instead of individual glory.

“It is not important how many goals I score; It’s for the team and not for myself. If (Shotaro)Ihata or any other players score, I’m happy for them and the team,” he said.

One player who can’t wait for the season to kick off is defender Duncan Elias: “I’m really excited when I got the call to play for the club, as both coaches (Kanan and Noor Ali) know me well. We have a good squad, and the additions of experienced local players can guide the young players along and I just can’t wait for the season to kick off,” he said.

Images from the press conference can be found here.

Geylang International’s squad list 2013 (squad numbers included):

1) Takuma Ito

2) Khairulnizam Jumahat

3) Khayrulhayat Jumat

4) Delwider Singh

5) Duncan Elias

7) Norihiro Kawakami

8 ) Jalal

9) Shotaro Ihata

10) Yasir Hanapi

11) Stefan Milojevic

12) Fabian Kwok

14) Wahyudi Wahid

15) Shah Hirul

16) Amy Recha

17) Jozef Kaplan

18) Nurhazwan Norasikin

19) Joey Sim

20) Taufiq Ghani



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